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Make your air ticket work harder

Many changes have occurred over my time in the travel industry, but some things remain the same. Good service is important and we aim to focus in the areas where just ‘doing-it-yourself’ will not reveal all the options you have.

We consider your complete trip ideas when planning — as a simple point to point airfare is often not the only answer. In many cases, you can get a lot more travel out of the ticket you buy. For example, you can often enter and exit at different places or add extra cities for a small cost, resulting in a much better result for money spent.

All up, the key is experience when helping clients get the complete picture of their options.

To discuss your next journey with myself and the Trans Otway team, call 0477 934 766

Philip Osborn, Managing Director

from our travellers

The hallmark of the best travel agents are their ability to assess clearly what their clients require, and then formulate plans and itineraries that ensure their clients have the most rewarding and enjoyable travel experiences.

As frequent overseas travellers, we always place our trust in Philip Osborn and his company Trans Otway Travel. Philip demonstrates a broad range of highly developed skills: a comprehensive understanding of the travel industry and a broad knowledge of international trends, regulations and travel requirements.

Trans Otway Melbourne’s extensive travel industry experience, together with their attention to detail and efficiency, mean that we always travel with confidence.